How to choose a minimalist table: color, shape, size and material

Minimalist table

The minimalist style table is functional and practical furniture using a minimum amount of material to ensure a clean interior space. Flat, smooth surfaces and strict, clear lines emphasize simplicity and conciseness, also characterized by the absence of patterns and decorations.

The whole idea of minimalism regarding furniture is to have an open and wide space in the rooms to create a relaxing, free and calm environment. Avoid trying to fill everything in the room with accessories because, in your opinion, there is too much unnecessary space. 

The table is furniture that can take up the most space, and if it is placed in the center of the room, or away from the wall, it has another undesirable property — it attracts a lot of your attention. For this reason, the process of choosing the right table in terms of size, style, and design should be approached with special attention.


  1. The main characteristics of a minimalist table
  2. What form of a table to choose?
  3. Choosing the size of the table for the kitchen or living room
  4. Height and ergonomics
  5. Table on single support or leg: advantages and disadvantages
  6. Choice of material
  7. Color choice

The main characteristics of a minimalist table

First, let's define the terminology of what a table consists of:

  • The tabletop is the top working plane of the table, in other words, the lid. The main characteristics are size, thickness, material, and functional and aesthetic properties.
  • The table frame is the frame together with the legs that hold the table top on itself. This element is responsible for the stability of the structure, which is important for the table.

Like we said before, the main concept of minimalist furniture is beauty in simplicity. Here are a few basic features of a table in this style:

  • Absence of partitions and other elements that do not carry structural and functional loads
  • The shape of the table top — only rectangular or round.
  • Only simple geometric forms of parts of the table frame — straight legs and partitions
  • The tabletop and table frame are often the same color, but no more than two halftones are permitted

Let's take a closer look at the important points to pay attention to.

Minimalist table

What form of a table to choose?

Usually, this question is extremely relevant when choosing a dining table or a table for the living room, while the working table is probably better rectangular.

We have put together some tips to help you make a choice:

Advantages of a square table

  • Takes up much less space and has more usable surface area
  • It can be placed close to the wall in case of a small room
  • A square table can seat more people than a round table of the same size
  • The simple geometric shape and straight lines go well with modern and minimalist interior design
  • You can always combine two square tables and make one large
Minimalist table

Disadvantages of a square table

  • If the design of the table frame is not correct, the legs can interfere with the legs of the sitting person. If the design with four legs, they should be moved as much as possible to the edge of the table
  • Rectangular shape has corners that can be traumatic for children
Minimalist table

Advantages of a round table

  • Creates a comfortable atmosphere because people are at an equal distance from each other
  • It is easier to squeeze at a round table, so more people can be seated in an emergency. But most likely this seating would only be relevant for a small tea party 
  • If you have small children in the house, the lack of sharp edges makes them safer
  • Serving food becomes easier because round tables provide a common centerpiece that is easy to reach
Minimalist table

Disadvantages of a round table

  • Takes up more space than a rectangular table
  • Round tables can be unstable because they are more likely to stand on a pedestal
  • If the table is small in diameter, discomfort may occur due to the hands being away from the tabletop
Minimalist table

Choosing the size of the table for the kitchen or living room

In order to determine the optimal size of the tabletop, you need to start from the number of necessary seats and the size of the room. 

The optimal diameter of a round table for 4 people is 90-100 cm, for 6 — 110-130 cm, for 8 — 140-160 cm, etc. For a rectangular table, you have to start from the width of one seating place —  50-55 cm on average.

The distance from the wall to the table should not be less than 60 cm, but if it is assumed that a person will pass for sitting to the next chair, the distance increases to 80 cm.

Now, given the shape of the room and the presence of other fixed furniture, it is necessary to adhere to the rule — the free passage must be at least half the perimeter of the table, and the width of such passages must be at least 100 cm from the chair of a seated person.

Minimalist table

The minimum size of the dining table should be such that it would easily fit all family members. But if the room has enough space — choose a table with a reserve for the occasion of guests.

If you have a large family, and the size of the room does not allow for the necessary width of the passage, and if you often have guests, it is better to pick a folding or sliding design. This option should be considered last, as the folding mechanism in most cases makes the table bulky and visually unattractive. 

If you opt for a rectangular table, pay attention to its width:

The standard width of the dining table top is 80-110 cm. If it is supposed to have two seats from the ends, then 100 cm or more would be the best choice.


Minimalist table


Height and ergonomics

The standard height of the dining table is 75 cm, for a height of 165 cm. This parameter can vary: for a height of 180 cm, the optimal height will be 80 cm, and for a height of 155 cm - 70 cm.

If you have low family members or children, you should take care of special cushions on the chair, which make the seat higher or choose height adjustable chairs.

Remember, only the right combination of chair and table height provides comfort and ergonomics, which is what makes eating easy and enjoyable.

You can use the following table to find the correct height for your chair under the table:

Human Table height  Chair height
155 - 164 cm 70 - 74 cm 40 - 42 cm
165 - 179 cm 75 - 79 cm 43 - 45 cm
180 - 200 cm 80 - 90 cm 46 - 55 cm


How to choose table height

Table on single support or leg: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a table with one leg is the ability to accommodate more chairs due to the lack of legs around the perimeter. This positive feature will also affect daily use because kicking against furniture legs is a relatively common occurrence.

In fact, not everything is so simple, you will find that the base of the central leg of such tables protrudes far enough, and not only will you not be able to arrange the chairs in a tight one, but you will also cling to your feet during landing.

The main disadvantage of tables on pedestal is instability. If you press too hard on the edge of the table, you will notice that it wobbles or may fall completely. Here, most likely, the matter is not in the quality of design, but in the physics. Since the support is in the center, the load is distributed unevenly relative to the base.

When choosing, you have to take into account a lot of criteria so that the table not only fits well into the specific style of the interior but also meets the requirements for stability. When buying, it is advisable to check the stability yourself, of course, you can always trust customer reviews or choose a trusted manufacturer.

Minimalist table

Choosing the material of the dining table

The material of the table is the most important characteristic on which the durability and appearance of the furniture depend. 

Manufacturers use different materials, the most common are:

  • Wood
    Is considered one of the most sought-after and popular materials. Only hardwoods are used as countertops — beech, oak, hornbeam, and underframes are also made of wood or metal. Such furniture is more expensive than chipboard, mainly due to the high cost of the base material and the specifics of working with solid wood. The main advantages are resistance to external influences, the natural appearance of the wood structure, and environmental friendliness.
  • Stone, such as marble or granite
    This countertop material is chosen for its surprising and mesmerizing structure, beautiful colors, and unique patterns. The disadvantages include heavyweight, fragility during installation, as well as high cost in manufacturing. The strength of the underframe must match the characteristics of this material to avoid cracking under diagonal loads.
  • Metal
    Is the most popular material for making underframes. Due to its strength and ease of processing, it allows you to create the most unusual and airy designs for interiors in a modern style.
  • Glass
    Glass tops are known for their elegance, openness, and airiness.The only downside is that fingertip stains and dust are more visible on the surface.
  • Laminated chipboard
    This material is in the greatest demand in the furniture industry due to its low price. As a material for countertops — not recommended. The main reason is low resistance to water, which causes swelling and subsequent deformation. It is recommended not to install such furniture in rooms with a high level of humidity. Most often used for the manufacture of underframes.
  •  Medium Density Fiberboard - MDF
    Is the most popular and sought-after material for the manufacture of countertops. It is made from small wood shavings and is an environmentally friendly material. To protect the material from various external influences, its outer side is covered with a decorative PVC film.
Minimalist table
Minimalist table

Choosing a color

When choosing a color for a minimalist dining table, stick to a neutral palette. The most commonly used are monochrome black and white and gray colors.

A good solution may be to create a contrast with the facades of the kitchen or the color of the interior. For example, a black table is perfect for white walls, and vice versa — a white table and chairs will fit perfectly into a gray interior. Halftones also work great: the table is dark brown and the kitchen is beige, or the living room is light gray and the table is dark gray.

Minimalist table
Minimalist table
The main idea is to give up the color so that the shapes of the furniture speak for themselves. 
Lastly, make sure the furniture you choose is of high quality, as in minimalism quality is more important than quantity.
Minimalist table


Minimalist table
Minimalist table
Minimalist table