Best Christmas Holiday Notion Planner Template: Gifts List, Decor, Food and More

The most significant event in our life is a holiday. It allows us to recharge our batteries from our daily routine. That process of organizing in advance opens up a lot of opportunities. First and foremost is the time that people can save through pre-planned activities.

Since everything is now done online, people can not only edit their plans with ease but also share them with others for collaboration and ideas.

Let's see how to make the best Christmas event planner with Notion.

For better systematization, I propose to break all activities into the following sections: Gifts, Decor, Food, Entertainment, Party Planner, and Budget.

Now let's look at these sections in more detail.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Main Page
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Planner Gifts Section

Giving gifts is a long-standing tradition that may be as old as humanity itself. It was presumably a typical practice in prehistory, fostering connections of trust amongst various groups of people to keep good relations between them.

Giving gifts is a way to support and fortify the moral ties that unite us and serves as a reminder that we are not playing this game alone.

Here is an example of how to make a simple but effective gift tracker in Notion.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Gifts Page
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As you can see in the image above, we are using two tables - one with gifts and one with people. The cost per person consists of an automatic count of all gifts for that person. The presence of a column with a link for order and status makes tracking much easier.

Decor Section

Christmas lights stand for the consolation and hope of the Savior, a constant solace that shines even in the darkest winter months. Of course, people who profess different religions often decorate their homes in completely different ways as a sign of respect for their beliefs.

Numerous colors and decorating styles are available for use in modern Christmas decor while decking up a home for the holidays. Here is an example of how to make a convenient decorating plan, collect interesting ideas, and a shopping list.

As you can see in the picture, you can easily collect ideas over a long period. After that, it's easy to find the items you need and save the link. All this will greatly reduce the confusion in your decor desires.

Food Section

Due to regional cuisines and local customs, the actual meal eaten varies across the globe. The Christmas meal may be more profoundly impacted by popular culture in nations without a long-standing Christian history. In each case, the variety of dishes depends on the preferences of your loved ones.

The simplest option is to use a Notion table, each dish will have its own page where the cooking method and ingredients will be stored. Here is a screenshot of a Christmas meal planning section.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Food Page
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Entertainment Section

How important it is to spend the Christmas holidays with fun. 
Keep track of all the tunes, shows, movies, and books you wish to enjoy this holiday season.

This template has a handy list of categories for things to do, from movies to watch to places to go. You can also add your own ideas.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Entertainment Page
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Party Planner Section

A professional event planner can save you time, and energy and ensure you stay within budget. It will assist you with organizing guests, staffing, design, logistics, and more.

It's important and a little tricky to keep track of the number of guests for your party because snacks and drinks will greatly depend on whether these guests can come or not. Keeping track of confirmations and their preferred food and drink in a spreadsheet will greatly simplify your preparations.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Party Page

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Budget Section

It is always nice to allocate a budget for some kind of celebration, and fit into it.

Even a simple table that will show how much is planned for each section and how much budget is left can help you a lot in order not to keep it all in your head.

Christmas Notion Planner Template Budget Page
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In conclusion, I hope this template and the recommendations will be useful to you for easily repeating it or making it the way you like. You can also duplicate it using the link above. 

Merry Christmas everyone, warmth, and high vibrations in the New Year!