Top 3 Freelance Hourly Invoice Google Docs Templates

Hourly invoices are important for tracking the time spent on a project and ensuring accurate compensation for the work completed. An hourly invoice allows both the client and the service provider to keep track of the hours spent on the project and provides a clear record of the services that were provided and the associated costs. 

Below you will find three of the best and free-to-download Google docs templates.

1. Simple Modern Invoice Template

A simple hourly invoice is a document that details the hours worked, the rate of pay, and the total amount due for those hours. It should include the name and contact information of the client, the payment method, and any applicable taxes. Additionally, the invoice should include a breakdown of the hours worked, the tasks performed, and any additional expenses incurred. The invoice should be dated and include a signature from both the client and the provider.

Simple Modern Invoice Google Docs Template

Download Simple Invoice Google Docs Template

2. Minimalist Invoice Template

A minimalist-style invoice template is a type of template that is designed to be as simple and uncluttered as possible. It typically features basic information such as the invoice number, date, customer information, and line items for the services or products provided. Minimalist-style invoice templates can be used for any type of business and are especially useful for freelancers and small businesses that need to keep track of their finances. They are also easier to read and understand than more detailed invoice templates.

Minimalist Invoice Google Docs Template

Download Freelance Minimalist Invoice Google Sheets Template 

3. Basic Timesheet Invoice Template

Use this Basic Timesheet Invoice Template to request payment for time-based services. It typically includes basic information such as the name and address of the recipient, the invoice number, the date of the invoice, a description of the services provided, the hourly rate, the total amount due, and any applicable taxes. It may also include payment terms and contact information for the freelancer.

Basic Timesheet Invoice Google Docs Template

Download Freelance Basic Invoice Timesheet Template

Top Tips for Hourly Wage Invoice

  • When creating an hourly wage invoice, it is important to include accurate information about the hours worked and the pay rate. 
  • Include a line item for any extra expenses or fees that are associated with the work. 
  • It is also essential to include the name and contact information of the freelancer, as well as the name and contact information of the client. 
  • Include a due date for payment and any applicable taxes, as well as a clause stating that late or non-payment may result in additional charges. 
  • Finally, make sure to include a clear payment method, so that the client knows how to pay the invoice.


What freelancer invoice must include?

  • Date of invoice
  • Name of freelancer or company
  • Address of freelancer or company
  • Contact details of freelancer or company (phone number, email address)
  • Services rendered by freelancer (description)
  • The amount owed for services rendered
  • Payment method for services rendered
  • Terms and conditions

Why Google Docs is a Great Tool for Managing Your Invoices?

  1. It's Free
  2. You Can Access it Anywhere & From Any Device
  3. You Can Export Files to Excel or PDF at any time
  4. It's Easy to Share Documents and Work Together with Other Users